Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Blue Baths Identity

New to my website is the Blue Baths Identity, a dynamic rebrand of the Rotorua Art Deco venue. This Job was a massive project to plan and execute so I would like to mention thanks to the contributors. Vinesh Kumar for the ongoing photography of various shoots over the last 2 years and MacNet technologies for developing the company website. You can see more of this work on my website.

Monday, 12 August 2013

August 13th

Yesterday the New Zealand Best Awards announced it's 2013 finalists. I am excited that four out of 5 of my entries have been shortlisted along with 24 other projects in the student category. Winners are announced in October at the annual awards night. 

If you haven't visited the best awards website I would highly recommend having a browse. Some of the studios on here do not have websites so this is the only chance to see their work. Favorites of mine are Alt Group, Creature and Sons & Co.

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Blue Baths Catering

Blue Baths Catering

— Photoshoot —

This recent work for Blue Baths Catering is part of a much larger re-brand that the company is currently undergoing. I worked with photographer Vinesh K and Chef Timo Dicker to capture the Blue Baths degustation menu and more. The images aim to clearly communicate the dishes tastes and flavors in a minimal and direct way. We achieved this by deconstructing the main ingredients so people could quickly identify the pallet. A considered selection of contrasting textural surfaces and various objects were combined to create a memorable setting.


Art Direction : Ryan Romanes
Photographer : Vinesh Kumar
Chef : Timo Dicker

Thanks to :

Colour Concepts for providing the selected surfaces.
Blue Baths for being a trusting client.